Shea lotion

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Weight: 115 g
Width: 7.3 m
Height: 5.5 m

Shea Lotion is your natural product for all skin conditions.
- It is use for a smooth and healthy skin.
- It moisture and nourish the skin with vitamin A and E.
- Shea lotion prevents and reduces stretch marks.
- Shea lotion is use for the prevention of dry skin, skin rash, skin peeling, blemishes and wrinkles, itching skin, sunburn, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions.
- It is use as a shaving cream for a smooth skin.
- It is use to prevent small skin wounds, skin cracks, tough or rough skin, skin damage from heat, hot grease while cooking.
- Use for cold weather, frost bites.
- Shea lotion is also use by pregnant women on the stomach before, during and after pregnancy to avoid stretch marks.
- It is use for massage of the body.
- It can also be use as hair oil.
- Shea lotion protects the skin from sun effects and other environmental exposure.
- Shea lotion is use for all body conditions.
- It is a natural product for your healthy and smooth skin.
NB: Keep Away From Heat. 
Using Shea lotion requires patience and persistence to see great changes.