• Q: I want to buy but have other questions? +

    A: Contact administration.
  • Q: I want to sell your product in my country, what will I do? +

    A: Contact administration.
  • Q: I want to buy through western union, money gram, small world, Mjara,what will I do? +

    A: For smallworld and mjara open a free account in order to send money. Visit : Contact administration to get receivers name or any help needed. We treateach case in a particular manner for excellent satisfaction.
  • Q: Why are your payment methods limited? +

    A: We have limited payment methods because many online payment processors don’t service our country.
  • Q: What are the uses of Shea lotion? +

    A: Shea lotion has multiple uses as you can see on the website.
  • Q: What makes Shea lotion different from other products in the market? +

    A: Shea lotion is natural, produced without the use of any chemical substance or additives.
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