Global Connection never runs out of business because of the quality of our natural products, which are demanded worldwide. Read more about Shea lotion and make an order to test its quality. We supply worldwide. You will never regret using Shea lotion for your healthy and smooth skin.

What makes Shea lotion different from other products in the market is that, Shea lotion is natural, of high quality; it is handmade, prepared under high hygienic conditions. No perfume is added, No chemical substance or additive is used in preparing Shea lotion. Base ingredient, Raw or unrefined Shea butter, of very high quality.
It is your natural lotion for a healthy and smooth skin. We called it the “people’s lotion” because it is use by people of all ages, even babies for all body conditions. It contains vitamin A, E and other healing properties.

Welcome to Global ConnectionGlobal Connection is a young enterprise interested in ANY B2B and B2C connections worldwide. We consider the world as a “Business Village” where any good business can be of interest to us. This makes us global.We sell natural products of high quality. Raw or Unrefined Shea butter and a product called Shea Lotion. Shea is a tree that grows in West Africa. Shea tree produces nuts with very high healing properties. It is called the “tree of life” because of its healing properties. From the Shea nuts, raw or unrefined Shea butter is obtained. Shea butter is known worldwide for its high healing properties.