1. Quality Product, the base ingredient used is of very high quality. Raw or unrefined Shea butter is obtained directly from the primary producers (women) in Korogho, North of Ivory Coast where Shea tree grows, to prepare Shea lotion. The Shea butter is produced using traditional methods without any additive. This makes Shea lotion a quality product for your healthy and smooth skin. 
2. Product is natural; it is handmade, No perfume is added, it is prepared under high hygienic conditions. No chemical substance is used in preparing Shea lotion.
3. Shea lotion can be use by people of all ages for all body conditions, which is not the case with other lotions in the market.
4. We have reduced the price for everybody to test the quality of our products worldwide.
5. We are credible, we provide excellent customer’s services through email and telephone for our customers to ask questions, get replies, and also get package without problem. We treat each case in a particular manner if needs arises, for excellent customer’s satisfaction.
6. Global Connection can supply any quantity, even one small can worldwide. Test Shea Lotion.